Zenith Mastermind


Our mission is to help you create a plan to better yourself, your family and your business to achieve success.

Zenith Mastermind


Our mission is to help you create a plan to better yourself, your family and your business to achieve success.

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  • Supportive Network: Connect with a supportive network of driven individuals who share your passion for personal growth. Surround yourself with extraordinary individuals who will uplift, motivate, and hold you accountable every step of the way.

  • Mastermind Sessions: Engage in intimate round table mastermind sessions designed to deepen your understanding and provide hands-on learning experiences. Dive into specific topics relevant to your goals and aspirations. Elevate every aspect of your life, from business to family, faith to finance, and fitness to fulfillment.

  • Interactive Activities: Participate in interactive activities that will challenge, inspire, and ignite your spirit. Take home valuable tools, resources, and activities that will help you continue your growth journey long after the event concludes.

  • Inspiring Speakers: Learn from industry leaders who will share their wisdom, insights, and practical strategies for success. Gain invaluable knowledge to propel your personal and professional growth.

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The Heart Behind Zenith

Jeff Flamm

CEO / Founder of Infinite Mind &

President of Zenith Mastermind

Infinite Mind brain & reading enhancement software has been used by over 2 million people & is used by over 1,000 schools and businesses.

It is now FREE in the app-store.

'Infinite Mind Brain Exercise'

Former Chairman and CEO of HBA, managing benefits for Fortune 500 companies.

Real Estate Developer: Riverpark Corp Center, Lakepoint Business Park, Innovation Point Business Park, & Koloa Landing Resort in Kauai, Hawaii

Jeff sits on the following boards; Flamm Family Foundation, UVU Business School, Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, & Hale Centre Theatre

Jennifer Gardner

CEO of Inrglo, Organize Joy, &

Vice President of Zenith Mastermind

Jenn loves planning events and bringing people together to create memorable experiences and long lasting relationships.

Jenn is an incredible, artistic photographer, creating lasting art and memories for businesses and families that they will cherish for years to come.

She found that people are so busy, they live their lives in clutter; so she started a business helping people create a home they are proud to come home to, called Organize Joy.

She has four incredible children and Jennifer is known for her energy & passion

She finds gratitude in every situation and her goal is to IMPRINT a positive stamp on every person she meets.

Rachel Hanson

CEO of Academy Bookkeeping, &

Vice President of Zenith Mastermind

Rachel and her team help business owners find their business "pulse" through the heart of the company--their finances.

She loves watching business owners grow and succeed in their business.

She has 5 beautiful children that have her heart and soul and keep her cheering on the sidelines at their many activities.

She attributes the success of her business and finding her authenticity to the things she has learned from Zenith Mastermind.

She loves being able to spread the word for others to enjoy balance in their life and experience deep connections and amazing adventures.

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