The Story of Zenith

Zenith Mastermind as a tale of visionary entrepreneur Jeff Flamm crafting a legacy of empowerment. It all began in 2020 when Jeff, a mentor with a penchant for innovation, extended a golden invitation to a group of ambitious young men at the Flamm Ranch in Wyoming.

However, as 2020 unfurled its challenges, the shadow of Covid-19 cast uncertainty over their plans, leading to the unfortunate cancellation of the revered race. Yet, in the face of adversity, Deven Ransom emerged as a beacon of determination, reminding the group of the transformative power of their gatherings.

Then in 2021, the Fountainbleau hotel in Florida. Then in the fall of 2021 an adventure of a lifetime in the lush landscapes of Kauai, embarking on the ULTIMATE Hawaiian Trail run. The experience was so profound that it kindled a flame within each participant's soul, igniting an insatiable desire for more. A commitment was made, a pact to make this an annual rendezvous.

Jeff's vision soared higher, inviting four of his accomplished friends to join him as mentors to the eager young men. The impact was profound, resonating far beyond their circle. The success of this gathering reverberated through social media, and the clamor for involvement surged.

Over 100 individuals, hungry for growth and transformation, reached out to Jeff, yearning to be part of this remarkable journey. In response to this resounding call, Zenith Mastermind was born. The inaugural Zenith retreat in 2022 unfolded in the opulent surroundings of South Florida's Fontainebleau Hotel. The second formal gathering transported them back to where it all began, Kauai, hosted at the luxurious Koloa Landing resort in the fall of 2022.

The adventure continued to Moab, Utah, in the spring of 2023, where the rugged beauty of the landscape mirrored the resilience and strength fostered within the Zenith community. A five-day Caribbean Cruise set the stage for the fourth retreat, sailing the seas of camaraderie and self-discovery.

The story of the Zenith Mastermind is an inspirational tale of transformation and growth toward our life’s Zenith. It is a story that showcases the power of community, immersion, and mentorship.

The story started with Jeffrey C. Flamm, who had mentored a group of individuals for nearly a decade. He wanted to take them on an immersive experience where they could step out of their traditional life patterns and be in an environment that would help them transcend limitations and reach their Zenith in life.

The first step was a Retreat to Kauai in September 2018. This Retreat was a game-changer for many who attended. They bonded over small mastermind hikes, pool and hot-tub chats, and active physical and spiritual events. They were able to discover their mission and purpose on a deeper level, which allowed them to overcome business and personal ties that were holding them back.

In October 2020, a transformative journey began at the Flamm Ranch in Wyoming, marking the inception of Zenith Mastermind. Five visionary mentors, including Jeff Flamm, Dan Clark, Dan Young, John Pennington Jr, and Justin DeWitt, came together to guide a group of seven eager mentees: Lance King, Deven Ransom, Bridger Pennington, Eric Slaugh, Diveej Shirestga, Chase Kelly, and Roger Comstock.

This inaugural gathering was a catalyst for personal growth, empowerment, and collaboration. It set the stage for a community driven by the pursuit of excellence, where mentorship and mentees flourished amidst the serene landscapes of Wyoming. The seeds of ambition were sown, and the journey towards Zenith had begun.

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The Heart Behind Zenith

Jeff Flamm

CEO / Founder of Infinite Mind &

President of Zenith Mastermind

Infinite Mind brain & reading enhancement software has been used by over 2 million people & is used by over 1,000 schools and businesses.

It is now FREE in the app-store.

'Infinite Mind Brain Exercise'

Former Chairman and CEO of HBA, managing benefits for Fortune 500 companies.

Real Estate Developer: Riverpark Corp Center, Lakepoint Business Park, Innovation Point Business Park, & Koloa Landing Resort in Kauai, Hawaii

Jeff sits on the following boards; Flamm Family Foundation, UVU Business School, Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, & Hale Centre Theatre

Jennifer Gardner

CEO of Inrglo, Organize Joy, &

Vice President of Zenith Mastermind

Jenn loves planning events and bringing people together to create memorable experiences and long lasting relationships.

Jenn is an incredible, artistic photographer, creating lasting art and memories for businesses and families that they will cherish for years to come.

She found that people are so busy, they live their lives in clutter; so she started a business helping people create a home they are proud to come home to, called Organize Joy.

She has four incredible children and Jennifer is known for her energy & passion

She finds gratitude in every situation and her goal is to IMPRINT a positive stamp on every person she meets.

Rachel Hanson

CEO of Academy Bookkeeping, &

Vice President of Zenith Mastermind

Rachel and her team help business owners find their business "pulse" through the heart of the company--their finances.

She loves watching business owners grow and succeed in their business.

She has 5 beautiful children that have her heart and soul and keep her cheering on the sidelines at their many activities.

She attributes the success of her business and finding her authenticity to the things she has learned from Zenith Mastermind.

She loves being able to spread the word for others to enjoy balance in their life and experience deep connections and amazing adventures.

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