The Story of Zenith

The concept of a mastermind began in 2019 when Jeff invited several young men he was mentoring to come to Kauai and participate in the ULTIMATE Hawaiian Trail run.

It was such a meaningful event that all of the young men wanted to do it every year.

In 2020, Covid became an issue and the race was canceled.

Deven Ransom reached out to me and said we still want to get together as a group because it was so helpful.

Let’s all go to Las Vegas.

Jeff suggested we all go to his ranch in Wyoming because it was closer and wouldn’t cost them any money.

Jeff invited four of his very successful friends to come with him to help mentor these young men.

It was such a success, that several of them posted it on social media.

Over 100 people reached out to Jeff asking if they could attend the next one, so Zenith Mastermind was created.

The first Zenith retreat was in South Florida at the fountain blue hotel in 2022. The second formal retreat and was held in Kauai at the Koloa Landing resort in the fall of 2022.

The third retreat was in Moab, Utah in the spring of 2023.

A five day, Caribbean Cruise was the venue for the fourth retreat.

By popular demand, the fifth retreat will be held again at the Koloa Landing resort in Kauai September 17-21,2024.

The story of the Zenith Mastermind is an inspirational tale of transformation and growth toward our life’s Zenith. It is a story that showcases the power of community, immersion, and mentorship.

The story started with Jeffrey C. Flamm, who had mentored a group of individuals for nearly a decade. He wanted to take them on an immersive experience where they could step out of their traditional life patterns and be in an environment that would help them transcend limitations and reach their Zenith in life.

The first step was a Retreat to Kauai in September 2018. This Retreat was a game-changer for many who attended. They bonded over small mastermind hikes, pool and hot-tub chats, and active physical and spiritual events. They were able to discover their mission and purpose on a deeper level, which allowed them to overcome business and personal ties that were holding them back.

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